Daddy was at work for the day but I was home on a snow day. Joey came over to hang out with me and keep me company.

Daddy was always a slave to his job so I felt pretty free in the fact that I could do anything I wanted. Even Joey had a few fun idea’s on his mind for us. We always found ourselves flirting and passing each other little notes. Kissing was all I had on my mind when Joey’s lips were mashed against mine.

Our kisses grew more intense and our hands were roaming over one another. I felt his hard-on through his pants. My hand clasped around it and played with it. Joey asked if I wanted to see it. I giggled and said I did. He slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled his hard 8-inch teen cock out.

Instinctively I was hesitant on touching it. It was kind of intimidating seeing it. “Just touch it…I won’t hurt you.” He said. I reached out and started to stroke it slowly. Precum oozed out of the tip, his cock became granite in my hand. Entranced by his cock, I didn’t even notice that his hand was up my skirt.

I noticed finally when I felt the tip of his fingers poking around. Joey asked me if he could see my pussy since I got to see his cock. Why not? Pulling my skirt up I leaned back and let him take a better look at me. My lightly haired pussy was moist and ready to be touched. Only he pulled at the lips and looked it kind of roughly.

Just as Joey was having his fill of me, my daddy walked in. Work sent him home since the storm was getting bigger. My father hauled Joey up and kicked him out of the house. “WTF are you doing Alyson? You can’t be showing boys your privates like that!” He yelled.

I was so embarrassed and confessed everything that happened right down to the fact that Joey had looked at me but didn’t even make me feel good. “Well Alyson, that’s because he is a young man, he doesn’t know what would make you feel good.” He said. “Well, could you show me then?” I pouted.

Next week is part 2!



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