Daddy was fuming and wasn’t sure what to do when I asked him to show me how to make myself feel good.

“Daddy can you please just show me? Looks like you have the same tent in your pants as Joey did.” I whined. Now, I could be a huge brat and usually, my parents would give into me. I just had to get him to show me. Joey started something, now I was determined to find out how I could feel as good.

“Alyson, baby I can’t show you that. I mean I could but it’s not right. I’ll tell your mother to give you the talk okay Pumpkin?” He tried to reason. “But, if it’s wrong why is your cock hard? You know you wanna show me how to make it better.” I countered.

Daddy chuckled and shifted away from me. “Aly, come on you’re in trouble for what you did and I should ground you longer for talking to me like that.” He said. My big puppy eyes held his as I crawled over to kneel in front of him. Reaching up, I slowly unzipped his pants never breaking eye contact.

“I won’t tell Daddy. I promise, can you please show me?” I said.  His cock came out of his pants easily, my hands explored his rock hard cock. His breath caught when I leaned forward and licked the very tip. “Please babygirl, this is so wrong, you need to stop doing that.”

My entire mouth covered the head of his cock and sucked hard. I was just as surprised as he was, I didn’t think I would like the taste of the clear juice oozing from his dick. “Ugh, fuck it! Come here, sweetie!” Daddy yanked me off the floor and tossed me onto the couch.

“Open your legs wide for me. Yep, just like that baby. I’m gonna show you how it feels when you put your mouth on my cock.” I was panting with anticipation, his mouth latched onto my little teen tight pussy. His tongue dragged up and down. My legs crashed tightly around his head and I weaved my fingers into his hair. My hips launched up and into his face.

“I’m gonna pee daddy! Please stop!” I begged. He kept going though and I thought I was gonna piss myself. A huge wave of pure ecstasy washed over my young body. “You just came in Daddies mouth baby. Good girl. Now I will show you how to make me cum.” He said as he lined his cock up to my virgin pussy…



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