Boy, was I surprised!

Normally, I go out with mommy and buy my costume, last year, I was so cute dressed up as  a little kitty cat, but this year, mommy had to go out of town for work, and daddy was in charge. Instead of me and daddy going to Party City and picking out one, he came into my bedroom yesterday with a present, all wrapped up with pink bows. I was so excited, I love presents, and having daddy around so much was fun! So, I opened it up and I saw this costume and I didn’t know what to think. Daddy smiled when I looked at him and he told me how I was growing up so much, and how much he thought I would be perfect in this costume. I smiled and thanked him, and put it aside, but he wanted me to try it on right there. So, I headed to the bathroom to put the costume on. When I put it on, I looked so grown up! I wasn’t the cute little innocent kitty cat that I was last year, I looked like a sexy women in charge. Ready to take on anything! When I finished putting the boots on, I looked in the box, and saw a weird toy. It was long, silver, and rounded at the tip. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but I remember seeing something like it in mommy’s dresser. So, I picked it up, looked at it, and turned the knob at the bottom, and it VIBRATED!!! I couldn’t help but giggle!

Daddy started calling my name, so I knew he was excited to see me. When I got out of the bathroom though, daddy was laying on the bed, smiling, NAKED!! I started blushing, but daddy told me not to blush, cause in truth, it’s not the first time I’ve seen daddy naked you know. I walked over to daddy, and he smiled, telling me how beautiful I was. Then he put his wrist together and said he was being a bad daddy. I giggled, but he was serious. Then he looked at me and said, “What, you don’t want to play with daddy?”

Well, that’s when I took the handcuffs and put them on daddy’s wrist. Then, daddy laid back, and said “Turn it on, and put it in me” I looked a little confused, so daddy pointed at the silver toy. So, I turn it on, daddy laid back, spread his legs, and I pushed the vibrator deep inside my daddy. When I did, he began to beg, and tell me how beautiful I was, how sorry he was for being a bad daddy. I really liked the game, so I pushed harder, laughing, and I started spanking him, telling him he was a bad daddy….we had so much fun!!!

Since then, daddy’s been getting into trouble a lot. We didn’t go trick or treating that Halloween, but I had more fun playing with my bad daddy, then I ever did begging for candy 😉

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