Cyber Sex, all those intimate little conversations of erotic talk that would make your wife turn red if she found out what you wanted to do to me.

Cyber Sex with me turned from those innocent “I just need a quickie” text conversation into erotic carnal feelings that would make even a porn star blush with embarrassment.  You know how much I love to tempt you, especially when your wife is sitting right across from you. Arousing you with my kinky talk, and sending you pictures via instant message. But of all the sexual innuendos and long typed out fuck session that we’ve thrown back and forth, nothing compares to the time you actually turned on Skype so I could watch you type to me while your wife was right beside you in bed asleep.

I loved when I mentioned you should set up a Skype account so I could watch you. I logged into my account and waited for that message to pop up that said you wanted to add rockinroxxy to your contact list. As I accepted, that familiar tingle throughout my whole body let loose and I knew this little Cyber Sex session was going to be hotter than ever. Then your image popped up, as you smiled at the screen and typed to me, ‘want to see my wife sleeping?’.  Then you turned the screen and there she was. I love that you are willing to risk it all to do a Cyber Sex session with me with her being right there. But that’s part of the thrill isn’t it.  That intense adrenaline rush you get to see just how far you can take things with me without her finding out. But I think even if she did find out, there is no way you could give me up.  I’m all the things you want, that she can never be. Sexy and smart, kinky and cunning, a far cry from that boring day-to-day life that you live.  I’m the one you can tell all your secrets to, the one you can confide in, and the one that makes you go over the top pushing your sexual limits to arouse that cock like only an experienced woman like I can.

We chatted for a little bit about your day then you started looking back through my pictures telling me how fucking hot I make you.  You aimed that camera down to your cock and started stroking yourself for me. I loved watching your dick grow and watching you bit your lip as you tried so hard no to moan.  I kept typing to you, telling you what I was doing, telling you to stroke yourself harder and cum for me. You started stroking faster, that grip on your dick so tight your knuckles were turning white. And as your mouth opened I knew you were getting ready to cum.  Suddenly I could see the sheets next to you move, and you let out a little moan and I watched cum spew from your cock shooting on your stomach.  And then …………..

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke