How can you turn down cyber sex with your mistress?

The idea of having cyber sex while your wife is at home turns me on. Totally oblivious, she would believe that you are just on your computer when actually you’re stroking your cock under the table. Gentle and slow with great precision, you pleasure yourself in a way that keeps her from catching on. You can feel yourself getting harder and harder as I fuck you with my words, hanging on the edge of your seat with anticipation for my next reply… where will I tell you to put your tongue? What position do I want you to fuck me in? Your young mistress wants to know– are you an eloquent man who can please me with his dirty mind? Can you keep up with this exhibitionist?

She would assume that you are innocently checking your e-mail or Facebook. If you tell her that you are working from home at least that would be half true… considering that you would be WORKING my PUSSY! She would have no idea that you are tongue deep in my twat, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with every little click-clack of your keyboard. Your wildest fantasies being played out online, confessing everything that you can’t say to her. Give your darkest desires to me, you can trust your kinky queen.

I love risk. I love playing with fire and almost getting caught. There’s something about fucking where you shouldn’t and when you shouldn’t that drives me absolutely wild. Your heart racing, blood pumping, getting closer and closer all while wondering, am I going to get away with it?

What do you think, can we get away with it? Are you up to the challenge…. or does playing with fire scare you?

Teen Phone Sex!