Do you like to watch me fuck other guys? I know you do! Listen to every word and play with me. You know a guy who has a huge cock ready to fuck me… you like that don’t you, cucky? Hehe! Your friend deserves this hot little cunt. You don’t anymore with that little cock that doesn’t make me cum. Let’s play with him… I would love to be fucked hard by a fat cock while you watch like a good bitch.


I tell you that I want something new.
Your cock isn’t doing it for me anymore.
You have a friend with a huge cock that I want.
You look at me and hope this will make me happy.

We call him over and he greets me with a kiss.
Sloppy and wet, you sit in the corner and watch.
He starts pawing at my hot tits and grabbing my ass.
You start wiggling about, getting that tiny cock hard.

Your friend rips my shirt off and eagerly sucks my nipples.
You bite your lip as I moan for him.
He pulls off my skirt and grabs me by the ass.
He looks to you and laughs.. then spanks me.

You start rubbing the outside of your jeans.
He grabs my panties by the crotch.
With one swift motion, he rips my panties right off me.
I giggle and help him get naked.

He’s got rippling pecs and tree trunks for arms.
He throws me onto the bed and spreads my legs.
Your mouth starts to water as you see my pussy glistening.

He looks at you and laughs and slurps my pussy lips up.
In and out with his slithering tongue, slow and sensual.
I moan as his tongue fucks my hole.
He smiles at me and sucks my clit into his mouth.

I cum into that hot mouth of his and still, you watch.
You took your cock out and you’re trying not to stroke it.
I spread my legs for him and he brings out his monster cock.
So fat, long, and juicy.. he lays it on my pussy lips.

My pussy throbs under his cock, ready to be fucked.
You crawl closer to watch him shove his fuck stick into me.
I let out a moan as he thrusts into me fast and hard.
I look to you and smile as I moan for your friend.

I make you crawl closer and stick your tongue on my clit.
You love it so much and want more and more.
You suck my clit as he fucks me hard.
I feel myself about to cum and squirt juices everywhere.

He fucks me and pulls at my nipples.
I push your head into my pussy and you whimper.
But you’re a good bitch and will do what I say.
Your friend pumps me faster and faster.

I spray all over his cock and your face.
You suck it all up and watch as he moans.
He grips my hips and thrusts deep into my cunt.
His cock twitches inside of me as he shoots a load deep inside.

You climb under my ass like a good bitch.
You eagerly await for him to pull out so you can clean me up.
He pulls out and drips cum into your mouth.
Your tongue dances on my pussy as you suck up his cum.

You love the taste of my pussy and his cum.
So much that you moan as your face is buried in my pussy.
Your little cock twitches and shoots a load onto your stomach.
You are a good little cuckold and will get more treats soon!

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