Cody and I have a kinky relationship. He is an incredible person and a fantastic lover. The fun we have is spectacular. I love his open-minded mentality and willingness to share with others, just as I share others with him. Turns out one of his favorite things is our curvy girlfriend fucked anal play.

Of course, he is in love with my giant tits and all the fun we have with them. And, he loves my sexy tight pussy. He can’t get enough of them. However, after a wild drunken night of craziness, he is unable to get enough of our anal fun. Of course, that Forced Anal Creampie was intense. Cody and I switch the dominance back and forth all the time. This night, he was all about dominating me.

Additionally, he is dominant for our curvy girlfriend fucked anal play.

Our fun is may include one other person or many other playmates. Like I said earlier, we have a lot of fun sharing others. All that fun adds to my amazing Cuckold Phone Sex sessions! He is into me being with other men and I am definitely into seeing him suck a nice big cock. It gets my pussy nice and wet. Of course, he is completely into the bisexual thing, enjoying the other men.

We like to get wild with our fun too. Therefore, venturing out to random locations is our way of making it more fun and a bit risky. It is also a way of possible interactions with new playmates. Cody and I are in love with outdoor sex. It is sexy and naughty. Add in the fact that it can be risky at public parks, and other park attendees might find us and it is the perfect day of fun for us.

I am telling you guys, he and I are the kinkiest of people!

If Cody is working or has plans, I often go on my own to the parks and have naughty fun. I find all kinds of sexy playmates for cheating GFE fun. Sometimes is an all solo day with pervs watching me and then using the experience for spanking material later. I find it super hot they are jerking off to me masturbating public.

Of course, I know how sexy I am. That is why I enjoy so much public fun. Showing off is a blast. Now, for our curvy girlfriend fucked anal nights, it is an “at home” or “hotel” event. Cody likes to get so intense that we really need to be indoors for the butt fucking fun. I am serious, this wild sexy anal stuff is bringing out his inner beast and I am loving it.

He is usually my open-minded, meek man.

However, when it is booty time, my guy is a wild man. His personality is different and extremely aggressive. This isn’t his “normal” so I am okay with our fun on these special occasions. Honestly, if he was this aggressive with me all the time, he would be getting the boot. I don’t like a man that is too pushy with me.

I am a strong woman that knows what I like. No man is going to stop me, ever. Cody and I are always on the same page with our likes and dislikes. We are in sync, 24/7 and I love that about us. So many guys are too far one way or the other. I have dated men that are overbearing, controlling, and jealous. These men are incapable of sharing me and I am constantly smothered by them.

Hell no, they must go!

Then, you have the pathetic pussy boys. These guys are weak and unable to stand up for what they want. I hate that in a man. We have to have a “give and take” relationship. Cody and I get that with each other. Tonight is our curvy girlfriend fucked anal fun. Furthermore, he is wound tight for the wild night. I got him some new lube for my tight sexy butthole. He is so excited and ready for our fun to start.

As we are drinking our beers and having fun, he is getting a bit aggressive, just how he knows I like it. Of course, the night is progressing and my clothes are coming off. Is your dick getting hard thinking about his dick sliding into my little rosebud booty? If you want to hear those dirty details, you have to call me. Come on, we can have some amazing fun!

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