And I had a day out with some of my girlfriends and one of them suggested going to this unique sex shop she heard of. If only I knew what I bought would lead to cursed object sex…well it wouldn’t change a thing. We got to the sex shop and it had all sorts of unique toys. A lot of bad dragon dildos, strap-ons of all sorts of variety. One of which stood out about all the others.

It was an eight-inch purple cock with these sparkling gems on the shaft. No matter what I looked at in the store my eyes just kept going back to that cock. I was destined for some cursed object sex from the moment I walked through the door. I ended up buying the thing and a few new sexy outfits and lube. Happy with my purchase I decided to text one of the guys I peg to meet me back at my place. I wanted to break this bad boy in!

My cum slut husband was at the door and telling me my fuck buddy was up in my playroom, waiting and ready for me.  Leading the way to my playroom as he took my extra bags and went to put them away. And he was such a good little sissy bitch for me. Taking the strap on and putting it on before I walked into the room. My fuck buddy was instructed to be on his knees and naked for me. Easy access to what I really wanted from him.

Cursed object sex was never going to be as much fun as this!

Walking into the room and standing in front of him. My cock was smacking off of his cheek and I grabbed him by the back of his head. Shoving his mouth on my cock and making him suck it. The gems started to glow as his mouth slid up and down my shaft. Glowing at his mouth and then it shimmered all over his body. Our cursed object sex was about to really heat things up!

Watching as he started to shift and change in front of my eyes. He went from being a man to being a woman in the blink of an eye! we pulled apart in shock and my sissy fuck toy lit up with a huge smile. My strap-on was giving us some cursed object sex and we were so into it. I put him back on his back and spread his legs. And, he was finally getting fucked like the woman he always wanted to be. Although, I’d love to do that on all of my sissy phone sex calls!

Thrusting inside of his pussy with one hard thrust and making him gasp in surprise and pleasure. I pounded his tight pussy and made him cum a handful of times. But I started playing with his clit while pounding my cock hard and deep for his last orgasm. Before letting him cum I grabbed his face and gave it a light smack. Of course, he was cumming with a scream of pleasure and then blacking out on me. However, his body started to shimmer and change back to his male form. Our cursed object sex ending in the best way.