Curious About Forced Feminization?

Hello all of my sissy boys, panty sluts and bi curious subs. Maybe you don’t see yourself as a sissy boy yet but you will soon enough. I will feminize you and make you realize that you really are a sissy after all. I’m talking about forced feminization phone sex of course. I guess some of you bi-curious guys with sissy fantasies are fighting it and just need an extra push. That “push” can’t be from just anyone though. A beautiful, dominant and manipulative phone sex Mistress like me is the perfect person to guide you in the direction you’re suppose to be going. Besides if I give you forced feminization then you can always blame your sissy behavior on me and I guess that helps you to justify it in your own mind lol. This is what you want, even if you don’t know it yet…

I’ll put you in panties, a bra, some stockings, a dress and probably much more too! I might dress you in a cute girly outfit or maybe something completely slutty. It feels so good to prance around in soft silky girl’s clothes and show off your cute sissy look doesn’t it? Then when you confess how stiff your little clitty cock is you’ll know that I was right from the very beginning. It’s clear to me that you’re a huge sissy just waiting for the chance to come out. Secretly you’ve been wanting a strong female like myself to force you to do all of those sissy things that you think about in your head but don’t have the courage to do on your own!

All you need to do is get the strength to pick up your phone, call me and ask for some forced sissy phone sex training. I’ll handle the rest from there. I’ll guide you and mold you into just the right kind of sissy that I want you to be. it might take some time but I promise you’ll be happy that you finally did it! For sub guys like you it’s hard to make any decision on your own, let alone a big one like this. So let me take over your naughty thoughts for awhile. I enjoy getting deep inside your mind and pulling out deep, dark secret fantasies that you might not even be aware of.

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