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He always starts out slow, feathering my naked body with kisses. It is such a tease feeling his moist lips caressing everything but where I want. Then he will slowly moves his attention to the inside of my thighs, lightly kissing and sucking. I begin to quiver and drip in anticipation when he reached my love box. He breath moist and warm on my lips. He will start nibbling my juicy lips and spreading them with his tongue. My ass rises off the bed begging for him to go deeper. He will continue to tease me with the light touches, until I ย begin to beg for what comes next. Once I have sufficiently pleaded for it his tongue begins to work on my clit, flicking it from side to side. Once I am rocking my pelvis into his licking he will surprise me by gently nibbling my love button. At this point I am usually quaking as an orgasm spasms through me. Once I have squirted my pussy nectar all over his chin, that boy really goes to work and begins actually pussy diving. John gets his face so deep in me and pushes to go even deeper. I am writhing in pleasure at this point, on a roller coaster of climaxes. He keeps going back for more servings at my all-you-can-eat va-jay-jay buffet and does not stop until I am a weak and my ass is in a puddle of my own pussy juices.

Poor boy, has not even gotten his dick wet with me but I have enjoyed him plenty. Maybe I will be nice and give him a hand job, let him get a few squirts out since he indulges me so much.

Small Penis Humiliation