guy taking off jeans


Sometimes I need to be in control. I want you to do everything I say. I know it turns you on to be give away power to a 23 year old girl. I will tell you when to start unbuttoning your jeans, and remove each piece of clothing. I will tell you when  and where to touch yourself. I might have you do things that are a little uncomfortable but doesn’t my focused attention to detail turn you on?

I am staring at your watching as you do as I say. I am turned on to but I won’t tell you that. Stroke it slow and long.

Listen to my words and imagine my pussy getting wetter for you.How do you think it feels deep inside of my warm wet cunt? Do you think I will let you put it in?

 I will take you to the point of your orgasmic ejaculation and then make you wait. Wait till it hurts and you need release. Imagine how good it will feel when I finally let you!

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