Cum Swallowing Filth Pig Needs Training

Cum swallowing, grumpy little bastard my cousin is. He came to stay with me for a while when he was off from school during his spring break, and as I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years my how he’d grown.

From what was once a lovely, sweet and charming little boy had become a lanky, moody and practically mute 17 year old. He huffed around barely giving me a by-your-leave and it was starting to piss me off. He spent all day and night in his room, and whenever I knocked on the door he always looked flustered and nervous.

I’m not stupid, I knew what he was up to, I just never realized what a cum swallowing little fucker he had become.

I asked him to come to the zoo with me and his little step sister, to which he gave a definite “No. The zoo is for kids”, so I left it at that. He was to be on his own in the house all day but I thought he’d just spend it playing video games, watching porn and jacking off, like a normal teenager.

We went to the zoo and had a grand time, before it began to rain and so we left early. We decided to take the little ones to Chuck-E-Cheez, but I asked if we could stop at the house so I could grab an umbrella. My friend went on with the kids and I said I’d meet them all there.

As soon as I got through the front door I could hear the load moans of porn reverberating through the house, emanating from my little cousin’s room. I crept up to the open door and there he was, on his knees in front of the laptop with his back to me, jerking off what looked like a pretty decent cock. I must have caught him at just the right time, because I saw his body tense as he was about to come. As I watched from the doorway I saw him cup his hand over the end of his dick and catch his load. “What a good boy!” I thought, (thinking he was trying to avoid making a mess of the carpet!) but instead of wiping it up with a tissue or even a sock, he put his hand to his mouth and ate it! Cum swallowing little bugger!

I waited until he had licked his hand completely clean before clearing my throat loudly. He nearly jumped out of his skin and grabbed the cover of his bed to hide his modesty. “You like cum swallowing?” I asked as he died with shame in front of me. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He exclaimed, going as bright red as a fire truck. “Yes you do, I’ve been watching you.” I said, walking into the room and sitting down on the edge of the bed. “It’s OK, it’s not your fault you’re a dirty little cum swallowing pig, but let me show you a trick.” I said. He looked extremely confused so I took the lead. “Lie on your back right now you filthy little cum swallowing asshole!” I said in my most domineering voice, and he immediately followed my orders.

He looked like he was about to have a heart attack when I swiftly walked down beside him and grabbed his ankles, pulling them up and over so his knees were above his head. I quickly wet 2 fingers in my mouth and without a word inserted them into his ass. His eyes went huge for a second and his mouth made a large 0. “Stay still, just like that and keep your mouth open!” I said, and at the same time I found his little prostate gland with the tip of my finger that was buried in his ass. He winced and let out a little moan as I massaged it hard and made him cum involuntarily, perfectly shooting into his own mouth. He looked up at me as he swallowed, and I let go of his ankles and took my finger out of his ass. “If you’re going to be a cum swallowing little asshole, at least use the right technique, and DO NOT make a mess of my carpet, OK?” I said as I turned towards the door, giggling to myself.

We had a great time at Chuck-E-Cheez, and after that my little cum swallowing cousin has been very careful to make sure his bedroom door is closed…

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