Cum Stained Yoga Pants

Cum Stained Yoga Pants- I couldn’t figure out what that white crusty stain on my yoga pants was. I went to my friend Emily’s house after we had a yoga class together. We were going out so we dressed and showered at her place. I forgot my gym bag in her room when we left.  Emily said she would bring it to our next class.

When we got to the gym, Emily handed me my bag. We were chatting away as we undressed, and put on our yoga gear. I usually wear my yoga pants- without panties and a sports bra. I slid my yoga pants on, grabbed my mat, and went to the yoga room. So I lay on my mat and started to stretch when Emily asked me if I knew I had a stain on my pants.

At first, I was embarrassed. I was having my period. Was I leaking? I looked down at my crotch. There was a crusty white substance on my pants. Fuck, I said. Maybe I spilled Yogurt on myself. I tried to scrape it off. Then I could smell something familiar. Could it be cum?

I asked Emily to smell it. Emily looked ashamed. “Sara- this wasn’t on your pants last week, was it?” I said no I was sure it wasn’t.

“Oh my god. That Jerk!” Emily said. “I think my little brother came on your pants, Sara. I am so sorry, He is such a perv.”

Apparently, Emily caught her 16-year-old brother cumming on her yoga pants one day. She told me how she came home from school and he had gone through her laundry, found a dirty pair and shot his load into the crotch of her favorite workout pants.

She took a pic of me in my hot yoga pants with his cum stain, and she sent it to her brother. Then she told him we were going to send this pic to their parents and his friends unless he does what we say when we got home. Haha, I can only imagine how he jerked off to that pic of me and the thought of us blackmailing him!

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