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Imagine I am standing behind you, in only black lace lingerie. You can see my nipples thru my bra as I walk around to the front of you and kiss you softly. I want to be sensual with you. Have you relaxed during our JOI. Start by unclenching your jaw, letting your shoulders down and let me rub them for you. As I come behind your naked body, rubbing your neck and shoulders I start to kiss you on your neck. I feel your hair start to stand up. I want you full of cum

As I am kissing your neck I want you to reach down and pull that fat cock of yours out. Start stroking it. I will keep kissing all over your shoulders, neck and back as you strong that huge cock for me. Start at the top and stroke slowly down. Get to the head of your cock and let me spit on it. Keep you lube up, because I am your good little slut.

As I get on my knees in front of you, I want you to start jerking harder and faster

Yes, follow my JOI exactly. Start jerking that cock right in front of my face. Maybe even hit your cock on my face and my lips. Put that pre cum on my lips like chap stick. I will sit perked up on my knees, letting your dick slap my face. Let your balls fill up so I can release them

I want to start to flick my tongue on the end of your dick. I want to keep the head of your cock wet and stimulated. Making you feel good with only my mouth. Keep stroking your cock and guide it into my mouth. Let me be your JOI personal whore. Use me. Cover me in cum. The end of this JOI means you get to cum all over my face

I start to moan as my pussy is now dripping I am so turned on. Wanting your cum all over me I help you finish off jerking. Moaning, you grab my head and start fucking my face. My lips sucked around your cock. You keep following my JOI. Give me all your cum baby, cum all over my face.

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