I love taking a dip in my pool on some of these hot, sweaty summer days. Especially as I know my neighbor’s window faces directly onto the pool, so when I’m out there my fit married neighbor Richard can see me from his bedroom window. He’s married, I know that but it makes me tingle with excitement when I see his wife leaving for work, so I make myself as sexy as possible and head to the pool knowing he’s already watching.

I make sure I pick out my skimpiest white and blue thong bikini, so small it only just covers my nipples and the bottoms have a tiny string that runs over my pussy and up my ass crack, barely covering my tight shaven cunt. I add some five inch white wedge sandals and head outside.

Touching my toe to the water immediately makes my nipples get hard which is obvious through the flimsy material of my bikini top. I see the curtain twitch at Richard’s window and I know he’s watching me. I slowly lower myself into the water and look straight up into the window and I can feel him staring at my body. I hope he has his dick out and I’m sure he does. I lower myself down to the waist and lean back against the side, splashing the cool water over my now rock hard nipples while I cup one of my 32g tits with my other hand, moving it slowly up and down while looking up to the window.

I reach behind my back and undo my bikini top string, letting my huge boobs fall free. I turn over into the water so I’m lying on my back, and push my tits together so Richard can see how perfectly his cock would slide between them. I push one of my hands between my legs and under my bottoms, and begin to stroke my soft wet pussy, sliding two fingers in and out, harder and harder until I cum hard, arching my back against the side and squeezing my nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I dip my head under the water and seductively resurface, staring straight up to the window where I can see the shadow of Richard standing behind the drape. I slowly walk up the steps and bend to pick up my towel, giving him a great look at my tight, small round ass. I turn and look over my shoulder at the window and blow a kiss. Just to let him know I know he’s been watching all this time.

We’re having a BBQ next weekend and we invited Richard and his wife. I hope they come, the wife is quite a hot blonde so I might get them drunk and instigate a foursome so I can get my hands on Richard and finally see what he’s been playing with behind those window drapes while I‘m in the pool, and ask if he enjoys watching me cum.