Cum Infused Foot Massage

I working fucking hard, wouldn’t you agree? It’s been a long, hard couple weeks at the office. So when my friend told me about this new nail spa uptown. I knew exactly how I was going to spend my Saturday. Finally, I had a day of peace and relaxation. The place is pretty upscale. I mean it’s by appointment only and I as lucky I didn’t have such a long wait. It’s a small very cozy and private location, so tranquil…and perfect. However, I had no idea they had a specialty even I’d never considered…a cum infused foot massage!

I knew I’d have my feet soaking and toes painted. So i decided to wear my new short and sandals I bought ages ago. I’ve been working so much this was my first chance to actually look cute and feel at ease, plus I mean look at these fucking legs, yeah, I work out. When I arrived to the spa one of the first things I noticed is the all male staff. I was the only one in the spa and quickly put two and two together. Well I guess I know where the cum is spouting from. Do I bring it up right away? Do I ask for it or is already included? So many thoughts ran through my mind, I had to remember, “Victoria you’re here to relax.”

I was guided over to the huge leather chair above the foot soak.

I was looking for the remote to control the massage features, and before I could have found it, an actual person was behind me rubbing and massaging my shoulders and fuck it felt so food. Another man kneeled before me and removed my sandals, feeling his fingertips moving over my soft flesh, and then placing my feet into the warm soapy water. Mmmmm, finally! The sweet smells and sensation of the shoulder massage allowed me total relaxation and an unintentional wet spot in my panties.

To my surprise it was a fairly “regular” pedicure and foot massage. The latest form of relaxation hadn’t come yet but I felt myself almost forgetting about the taboo procedure…, until I opened my eyes.

Standing over me were two large men, not in weight, more like stature, and presence. Stud bulls if I’ve ever seen anything like it! Come to think of it, I couldn’t even really tell you what their faces looked like because I was so transfixed on their giant rods, just out stiff, and waiting for the next set of directions. I didn’t say anything, but rather just acted as if I knew exactly what was going to happen.

“Cum massages are earned here Miss.” I heard one of them say.

he began slowly inching his cock close to my mouth. I looked up at him and opened, my tongue already salivating, and sucked his cock right to the back of my throat. He looked down at me, smirking and running his fingers thru my hair. He was making sure I touched every part of it with my tongue. The other man simply watched as my cheeks sank in, my mouth filled with cock. He was stroking his dick faster and faster watching my oral fixation at it’s best and I heard a slight groan. He started huffing and changing his face, totally about to cum! Oh yay here comes the fun part…AH! His warm load landed all over my left foot, create a perfect pile of moisturizer.

I moaned heavily as I felt him begin to massage it around the top of my foot coating it. I suddenly felt the cock in my mouth twitch and  he pulled out quickly traveling to my feet to prepare the explosion. His head was thrown back and I simultaneously felt my right foot become coated as well. Holy fuck, fresh cum!!!!! The two men began working on both feet in sync, using the same technique allowing the natural juices sink into me as they rubbed my petite freshly pedicured feet.

I rested my head against the back of the leather chair, and stared down at two sets of hands working, and worshipping my feet into complete ecstasy, I never wanted it to end!

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