Cum to the Head of the Class! I Am Your New Teacher

In Miss Jamie’s class we have a special set of rules.  Keeping your teacher happy is the top priority and  your GPA depends on it.  Of course the good students have nothing to worry about, but if you are one of the ones who needs some extra credit, it will cost you.  This teacher isn’t using her students to get off, she’s using them for her entertainment.

From the very first day you can tell the ones who will be a problem.  They sit in the back, looking a mess, making cocky comments about their new hot teacher.  The cat calls are one thing, but the way I play back is another.  I always pick the worst offender first.  I ask him to stay after class, and with a roll of his rebellious eyes, he stays.  What is he willing to do to get to the head of the class.?  How far will he cum this school year?  Well, that’s really up to me.

Now, I can’t tell you ALL the juicy details here, that will have to wait for a call.  What I can tell you is, Miss Jamie keeps a drawer full of toys, a nice, thick yardstick if you get out of line, and video camera on her desk to keep you mouth shut.  After all, you would hate it if all your loser friends saw what a bitch you could be when you’re in my room.  Give your teacher a call and see what it takes get to cum to the head of the class!

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