My Cum Filled Comic Con

I don’t know if any of you guys ever been to a Comic Conventions but I have to say, they can be the most erotic experience for a nerd like me!  There is nothing sexier than see a character from a comic, game or anime come to life especially if its character that deep down you always wanted to fuck!!  Every year myself and a few cosplay friends get our geeky pleasures on and head to Comic Con, enjoy ourselves among thousands of fans like us, and meet a few celebrities.  Everywhere you look someone is dressed up as Wolverine, Predator, Spider-man and more.  Passing the bathrooms my friend had to go, so I let her go while I took a seat to rest my feet and that’s when I see him!

Legolas…well not literally but pretty damn close tall and long braided blonde hair, I could already feel my pussy getting wet and he sat right beside me!!  Admiring more than just the craftsmanship of the costume this guy was well hung and I am not talking about his arrows.  Turning toward him flashing a grin and said, “I have a weakness for looong bows.”

Letting out a laugh the handsome offered to let me caress his hard bow while his eyes were locked on my giant tits.

Flirting back and forth, when he asked me if I wanted to come up to his room to see his personal long sword and there was NO fucking way I was gonna turn down seeing Legolas’s big, hard cock!  So I sent a text to my friend saying I would meet her at the autograph area in an hour, and off we went.  Not saying anything I started to take charge grabbing Legolas by the hand and lead him through the comic con crowd, but when the crowds came to halt I would put my other behind me pressing it against his cock and rubbed his bulge through his codpiece.

  Finally making it through the crowd we finally made our way to the elevator and to his hotel room.

  Pressing him against the wall I only reached up to his shoulders in height but that wasn’t gonna stop me.  I pulled his head down to kiss me. I felt him grab onto my ass squeezing it tight pulling me into him.  Breaking the kiss and got on my hands and knees.

Looking down Legolas watched me work my way through his codpiece, pulling down his tights down to his ankles.  There were no words staring at that 8 1/2 inch cock. I could feel my mouth begin to get as wet as my pussy.  I opened my mouth wide and leaned forward swallowing that monster cock in my mouth and down my throat with such ease.  After a few slurps and sucks, Legolas braced the wall unable to control his wobbly knees.

Using the spit that was dripping down the shaft I used one hand to rub in my spit using it like lube to jerk that massive shaft.  As I sucked his cock harder and faster I felt his hands go down my top and grab a hand full of my giant tits pinching my stiff nipples.  I continued giving him a really sloppy blowjob when I heard him moan that he was about to cum.  I looked up at Legolas and said…..

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