Cum fetish talk gets real intense!

Cum Fetish — because everyone likes cum.  Even guys can’t deny that the best part of porn is that milky money $hot a cock is giving it to a pussy, a throat, or a pair of tits really good.  But are you a cum lover like me?  Does the sight of all of that milky splooge get your own balls pumping?

Got Milk?

So many girlfriends try so hard to be dutiful but maybe you’re the kind of guy who wants your girl to cum home with a pussy full of another man’s jizz.  Or maybe you want multiple loads in her that she keeps hot and fresh just for her.  The idea of her squatting over your cock or face and squeezing out all of that love juice is enough to make you explode as it is.  But what if she actually did it?

Shameless fags can’t get enough of it!

It’s okay to skip the pussy and drink straight from the tap.  As a cock-lover myself, I wouldn’t blame you.  Cock is awesome!  Cum is awesome.  Even the word sounds so deliciously dirty to the point where you say it over and over again as you think about it.  Cum.  Cum.  Cum. Cum. CUM!  How many different words do you know for it?

Jizz, fuck juice, cock milk, baby batter, slut lotion, creamy mouthwash, protein shake, sausage shot, face paint, splooge rocket, and so much more!

What’s it mean to love cum as much as you do?  What does that make you?  You’re more than a pervert, especially if you’re a guy.  There’s gotta be more to it if you’re aiming your cock at your face or stomach when you blow your loads.    Cum lover isn’t a strong enough word.  What are you if you’ve got a cum fetish this strong?

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