Cum fetish is exactly what I have, and there is no doubt about that! However, there is a time and a place to play with my pussy. I am sure that any man can agree with that. Although, sometimes it is easier said then done when it comes to this blonde babes horny cunt. However, when I showed up to Thanksgiving and my pretty pussy started to drip with all the hot family memories I knew one of those perverts was going to get it. Although, who was it going to be?

Cum Fetish – I Couldn’t Stop Playing With My Pussy At The Dinner Table!

I decided to sit down at the table and take time to pick my sexual play mate for the night nice and slow. The table cloth draped across my lap and I couldn’t help but shove my hands into my skirt. No-one noticed as I made light conversation with my aunts and uncles. Then, as I turned my attention to my not so little anymore cousin I realized he was the one. My pussy began to flood itself in juices. Suddenly I could feel my fingers lubed up slide right into my cunt hole.

It’s Time To Get Some Help In The Coat Room

After a little bit of footsy against his dick at the table he knew exactly what I was thinking. Sure, I did have to assure him we were family by marriage (we are not) that way he would fuck. However, I was not missing out on that family fucking. So, leading the way to the coat room he followed like a lost puppy. I laid him back and and rode his face right away. As interested in his cock as I was, I truly only wanted to get myself off. However, I did as him to stroke himself for me while I came all over his face.

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