I have a Cum Fetish, do you?

Some guys have a Cum Fetish and they just won’t admit it.

Tristan is a dirty boy who loves the taste of cum, especially his own. Every time he jerks off he catches it in his hand and eats it slowly, letting it cover his tongue and slide down his throat. He told me about his Cum Fetish when we messaged each other awhile ago. I wonder if his wife knows or if he only tells me stuff like that.

He was fun to talk to and a couple of times I fingered myself while doing it but then I got bored with him and moved on. I pretty much forgot about him but I found his messages when I was going through some old ones looking for a hot chat I had with some other guy. Well, I figured I’d see if he was still interested. I had nothing better to do and we ended up meeting.

 I made it clear that he was just there to entertain me and that all I was going to do was watch. He wasn’t that hot and his dick was average so he wasn’t worth fucking.

 I went to his place and noticed that he lived in a busy neighborhood. Those family-oriented people had no idea this married guy was fucking around on his wife and gobbling up his cum like a perverted slut with a Cum Fetish. 

I was supposed to drive by his place at a certain time and he’d be watching for me then follow me to an empty parking lot nearby but I changed my mind. Seeing his neighborhood and the thought of him getting caught was too exciting for me.

I knocked on his door and he freaked when he saw me standing there. He had an enclosed porch with a small table and chairs in it and I pushed him in one of them. Tristan was panicking, telling me his wife would be home in an hour. We had to go before someone saw me, was I crazy? I told him to sit down and act normal.

 Sitting on the floor so people passing by wouldn’t see me I told him to jerk off right here and give me a good sex story. He wouldn’t and I told him I wouldn’t leave until he did and his wife would find me. Tristan took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair. Pretending to act like he was relaxing while undoing his pants with one hand and taking his dick out. 

I heard a car drive by and he froze for a second then quickly started stroking his dick.

He got hard fast and I knew he was liking this even though he was scared. Tristan kept jerking off and I ran a hand up to his leg, teasing him. He pumped his dick hard and fast, keeping his hand near his head.

After a few minutes, he started to cum and he cupped his hand around his head, catching all of it. He looked out the big porch windows then put his hand up to his mouth so he could eat his treat. I watched as he licked up his cum. He did it quickly and I saw strings of it falling off his tongue and onto his chin. When his hand was clean he held his dick with one hand and swiped his finger around the head. He scooped up the little bits he missed, He stuck his fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean.

Tristan stuffed his dick back in his pants and pulled me to my feet, pushing me to the screen door. I left and hoped a nosy neighbor saw me, that’d be interesting for his wife.

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