We have something both in common! We both have a cum fetish.

I know it’s a pretty common fetish. I know lots of people with a cum fetish. Cum is amazing. I love having it sprayed all over my face! It’s the perfect type of foundation if you ask me. You love cum all over your face too! That’s why we have so much in common. But we are different in ways. I like when my face is sprayed with cum by a huge fat cock. And your dick just doesn’t meet that standard, not by a long shot.

So…What are we do to? I don’t just want to stare at that thing you call a cock all day. Don’t worry! I invited a special friend over. She is really something else. You answer the door for Cassie. The look of confusion is all over your face. She doesn’t look so special. I mean sure, she’s drop-dead gorgeous but which one of my friends aren’t? I invite Cassie into my bedroom and I shut the door on you.

You start getting really frustrated when you hear us giggling and shuffling around in the bedroom.

When you knock asking if everything is okay, I holler that we will be out soon. We make you wait a couple more minutes which seems like an eternity to you. You see me come out first. I changed into my favorite red lingerie. Next, Cassie comes out…wearing nothing. Then you see it, you see the thing that makes her my special friend. Cassie has a huge 10-inch cock. Not a strap on like I play with, but a real cock. Like the ones you would fantasy about when you read shemale sex stories. Only my giggling breaks your stare. I joke with Cassie that you are acting as if you have never seen a cock before! Then Cassie smirks and commands you get on your knees and start crawling. You don’t think about it. You just start obeying Cassie just like you obey me. We are going to make sure Cassie can fulfill your cum fetish three folds over!


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