Cum fetish – Of course, I’m super addicted to the feeling of that warm, sticky jizz dripping from practically every inch of my body. However, you won’t BELIEVE where it’s about to go this time!

Cum fetish is one of my favorites, as you know. Although I love hot sex cum stories, I think technically THIS is probably a bellybutton fetish story too! My latest boyfriend and I were soaking in my jacuzzi last night. I noticed that he couldn’t seem to stop staring at my bare tummy while licking his lips. Feeling curious, I asked what had him so captivated.

Being the sexually adventurous and totally non-judgmental Goddess that I am, I thought I’d heard and done it all. But then, you confess that what you really need right now is to jerk off all over my bellybutton. My bellybutton? How kinky. Intrigued and already turned on, I ask you to tell me more.

You tell me that you would give anything if I would let you play with my navel. Play, hmm? “Define that,” I said.

I can practically see your thick cock hardening underneath that tight speedo as you confess how much you’ve been craving my bellybutton. In particular, you confide that you’ve fantasized about everything you would do. In fact, you admit that you’ve jacked off countless times while imagining I’m urging you to rim the sleek curves of my navel with your hungry tongue.

Not only that, you can’t stop thinking about how good it would feel to would push your aching cockhead into that wet, slick opening, over and over again. And of course, you imagine the explosive release you’ll experience when you flood my bellybutton with loads of your hot cream.

As you speak, I idly toy with my belly piercing, watching your expression grow dark with desire and need.

“Want this?” I purr. “Fuck yes please, Goddess,” you growl as you reach for me. What happens next?

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