Cum Fetish approved But Only Daddy Can Get Me Pregnant

My Cum Fetish was never a problem for my Daddy, we will call him Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox never minded who I fucked or when I fucked them with one exception when I was ovulating. Cum is a love of mine, the taste the texture I could go on and on. I love being painted with it. From my face, down to my beautifully pedicured toes. Cum Fetish approved But Only Daddy Can Get Me Pregnant Sometimes he was in the room, watching me take cock after cock in my mouth, pussy, and ass.

I’d always stare in his direction, almost for approval, he would smile or just gaze back at me. My daddy, watching me be ravaged by men using my body for their own pleasures.

Mr. Fox kept a calendar in his pocket, to keep track of my ovulation. Pregnancy fetish was almost a hobby of ours, we both loved it.  For a week at the time I was allowed to indulge in my cum fetish, but not one single drop of cum was to get anywhere near my pussy. My cunt, my canal, my womb was not mine, it belonged to him. In total reality, every part of my being belonged to him. Especially when I was in heat, I was his and his alone. Even though My daddy didn’t mind me being a dirty slut and having as many cocks and as much cum as I wanted.

I only wanted his cum to get me pregnant. To me, Mr. Fox- my daddy was superior in every way. Our phone never stopped ringing while I was ovulating, but they never mattered to me. All I wanted was my daddy to breed his sweet princesses pussy.

Think you could steal me away from Mr. Fox?

Help me indulge in my cum fetish

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