I wanna see you cum on my feet, baby.

Do you go weak in the knees for a beautiful woman with beautiful feet? Size 10 shoes, high arches and a fresh pedicure? I specifically paint my toenails black so I can see the contrast of your yummy jizz on my “lil piggies” after you cum on my feet!

What is it about feet that are so hot? I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’ve always loved flaunting my feet, ever since I was a teenager in high school. I loved summer because it was the season of no shoes– I could kick my heels off and show off my pretty feet.

That’s how I met one of my first boyfriends– I caught him checking me out at the pool. I was laying on my pool chair sunbathing when I noticed this sexy buff older guy looking at me. At first I thought he was looking at my big tits (I was an early bloomer) but then I realized that he was looking at my pretty toes! He came over to talk to me, flirting and gently touching my thigh, but instead of moving his hand up towards my pussy his fingers traveled down towards my foot.

I specifically remember that I had just gotten a hot pink pedicure that week to match my new string bikini. I was looking HOT, head to toe, and he noticed.

The very first time we fucked he played with my feet. He sucked on my toes before shoving his dick inside of me and pumping the shit out of my pussy. When he started to get close, he asked if he could cum on my feet. I had never done that before but I agreed anyway.

He pulled his dick out of my pussy and began to jack off, his eyes fixed on my toes. He stroked harder and faster while I talked dirty to him, “paint my pretty little toes white!” until he finally exploded. He came SO MUCH and he came SO HARD! It was fucking hot, I had never felt that turned on before!

Ever since, I go crazy for a guy who wants to cum on my feet.


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