Carmen’s Soul Cycle Cum EXPLOSION!

A friend invited me to a soul cycle class one day. I wasn’t really in the mood and all I really wanted to do was stay home and watch Netflix and cum but, she insisted on getting me out of the house for some reason. She promised that I would have a great time and said that I should just “trust her”.

The cycle room was packed with all kinds of people and it was hard to find a bike next to my friend but, after a while, we were able to find a couple of bikes next to each other. The instructor was tall and dark with chiseled arms and legs. His abs were unbelievably rock hard and the fucking bulge from his crotch was basically communicating with me.

We all mounted the bikes and the class started. I don’t know what it was that made me stare at his cock while he was teaching the class. I would try and look away but, then my focus would go right back to his crotch. My pussy hole was positioned directly on the pointy part of the bike seat. So every time I would rise and fall, attempting to adjust my speed and keep up with the class, my pussy would slip on and off of the knobby, hard seat.

I started sweating from the workout and from feeling the cycle seat jab my pussy over and over. I looked at my friend to see if she saw what was happening but, she seemed to have no clue. The more I tried to focus on the words of the instructor, the more I kept imagining his cock going in and out of wet pussy, just like the seat of the bike was doing. My nipple imprints began popping out of my sports bra and I got more and more aroused, I was going to cum soon.

I wanted to stop before I came all over the fucking seat but, something told me to keep going. Did the instructor know that I was lusting for him with every inch of my body? Did he know that my pussy was being fucked by the cycle seat and the only thing I could think of was his cock filling up my holes? Then I started to cum. I felt the pressure building deep inside of my clit. I felt the tingling up my spine. The instructor must have seen the intense sensual look on my face because right before it happened he said, “Don’t worry just let go.”

So that’s exactly what I did. I let go and came all over the cycle seat! It was AMAZING! My heart was pounding, my legs were shaking, and the instructor smiled and looked at me like he knew exactly what had happened.

When the class ended my friend noticed that I wasn’t moving from my bike. She asked me what was up and I told her that I came really hard during the session. She laughed and said, “Oh don’t worry. It happens to all of the women in this class. See?” I looked at her seat and it was COVERED in her pussy juices! Both she and the instructor started laughing. I turned beet red and scurried out of the room. Wet-crotch panties and all. As I fled the room the instructor yelled, “So I’ll see you next week?!” My friend yelled back as she ran after me, “Yep! We’ll be here!”

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