I’ll Decide if You’re a Cum Eating Sissy or a Breast Milk Kind of Sissy

Some of my ABies are sissies and some of my sissies just happen to be ABies (adult babies). So naturally, it stands to reason that sissies with adult baby tendencies are usually fed a bottle or made to suckle a warm, milk-filled breast, yes? Of course it does. It only makes good sense.  But then there are my older sissies. I like to feed them something else and introduce them to the wonderful world of cum eating (even if they are not inclined to do so, lol).

Take for example a new sissy of mine, I’ll call Daphne. I had determined that Sissy Daphne was in need of a steady diet of cock, and plenty of it. Now please understand, I don’t do this to all older sissies – it’s all about fitting the right diet to the right sissy. Which in turn, means that some of my baby sissies are in need of this same dietary requirement (as you all know).

Introducing my Sissy to Cum Eating – With a Little Help from my Friends

Anyway, I dressed her nice and slutty and invited my friends over to help me break in my new sissy. They were more than happy to help me out and were quite “enthusiastic” to assist in her new dietary needs. Though I must say, her pretty face didn’t stay smooth and polished (I made sure of that).

After her meal of cock, she had a warm creampie waiting for her for dessert. Being the good little sissy that she is, she ate every drop. My Sissy Daphne made me very proud and pleased. See, Mommy always knows what’s best for all her sissies.

So tell me sissy, in which direction shall our sissy phone sex session go? Which diet should I place you on? A warm breast full of Mommy’s sweet milk? Or a hard, stiff cock that’s chuck full of cum eating protein? Maybe you need both?

Call phonesex mommy Bridgette and let’s determine the best diet for the sissy within you!


Your Free Sex Story & Cum Eating Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke