The hottest cum eating instructions

It doesn’t matter if your curious or you just love the taste you just want those cum eating instructions. First off just know we have limitless possibilities here. There are so many ways for you to eat your own cum or someone else’s if your into that kind of thing. But lets just say it’s your cum your interested in eating. The first thing we need to do is produce the load. And there is no better way to make you cum then guided masturbation. That’s right! I’m not going to only make you eat your cum but I’m going to first make you cum. You will jerk off just the way I want you too. Follow my voice and stroke in long hard strokes. If your doing it the way I say then the experience will be mind blowing.

Grab that dick and stroke it baby

Your cock starts growing in your hand, right? Do you feel it getting harder baby? Keep stroking but don’t cum just yet. Savior the amazing feeling I’m giving you. Listen to my voice, follow my instructions, and enjoy the pleasure. When I say faster you go faster but when I say slower take it back down. It’s called edging trust me you’ll think me for it in the end. That precum is teasing you, getting you exited for the big load your going to swallow. Wipe the precum off your dick with your finger, and then stick your finger in your mouth. So tasty right? Keep wiping it off your cock head and licking it up for me. Go back and fourth stroking and tasting yourself. We are almost ready for those cum eating instructions.

If you have a pocket pussy we could make this more interesting. I’d use it to keep edging you, but I’d have you stop to sweep your cum out of it. Think of your pocket pussy like a cup that holds your cum. Maybe you rather squirting it directly into your mouth.  I know many sex positions that make cumming in your own mouth so easy. See how limitless the possibilities are?! Some of my guys prefer a cup and they eat their cum out of it. My lover likes eating it directly out of my pussy. I could give you ideas all day. Now I’m going to let you cum and because you edged it’s going to be a huge load!

Get your mouth ready

Where would you cum in that cup next to your bed? I’d just have you scoop it out with your finger and eat it. If you decide you want it to squirt inside your mouth then I’ll give you the best position to get yourself into. It’s warm, and creamy, which is exactly what you crave right? Needs sometime to get your cock pumping? Check out my sister in law sex stories which is sure to drive you crazy. When your ready to cross the line and do something really kinky call me. It’s not only the hottest but it’s cheap phone sex too.