There’s no shame in enjoying cum eating. Bon appetit!

Indulging your cum eating kink is my pleasure. Never tried so much as a drop of your own semen? You may be surprised how much a little lick of your own creamy precum turns you on.

Need some encouragement? Nothing works up an appetite for your own load quite like a cum eating instruction phonesex call with me, your dominant Mistress. Guided masturbation is so much more fun when I know you’re going to eat your cum for the grand finale.

I’d love to watch you lap up every drop (or even shoot in your mouth if you’re really agile/trying to impress me) on Skype. Knowing I’m watching while instructing you makes your cock even harder for me. I see your full balls. Go ahead, just put some precum on your finger and taste it. That’s it.

We can start slow during our first cum eating instruction session. I’ll edge you as long as it takes. I’m going to take you to the brink of orgasm and back so many times you’ll beg me for permission to eat your whole load. Tell me, though: is it saltier? Or is it sweeter?

Personally, I think my cum tastes fucking divine. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet, with a hint of garlic-y flavor. My girlfriend says it has “floral notes.” Maybe it’s because I’ve been vegan for most of my life, maybe it’s because I’m just naturally perfect. Goddess only knows!

I don’t really get the not-tasting your cum thinking. Poor, silly men! Must be hard. I try to have compassion, of course. If even the tiniest taste of your sperm isn’t for you, that’s just fine. It’s not for everyone. But if it’s cum eating instructions fetish phone sex you crave, you know what to do. Call me!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke