It was a beautiful day out so I decided to layout and tan this sexy body. I was laying on my lounge chair just soaking up the hot rays. My body was glistening with a layer of sweat and I was starting to get thirsty. Unfortunately, I was all out of my drink. So I called my pool boy over and told him to go get me a refill. That poor fool tripped over his own feet on his way back and dumped all of my drink all over me. To teach him a lesson I decided to give him some cum eating instruction humiliation.

My humiliation phone sex gives me so much inspiration to teach this young boy a lesson. I mean the hottest cheating wife in town should always be able to get a little mean with her toys! Immediately I stood up and said, “how DARE you spill my drink all over me!” I had him get on his knees and beg for my forgiveness as I stripped out of my pink bikini.  His cock instantly tented his pants.  Pointing at his cock I laughed out, ” Is that really all you got, get that tiny dick out and show me it!”

It was time to start my punishment.

He fumbled with his zipper as he pulled out his cock. I laughed even harder when I could barely see it! His hand was almost covering it all except for the mushroom tip. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “You aren’t going to get away with making a mess, since you wanted to make one now you get to make another!” The pool boy looked confused, his cock just twitching in his hand. Smirking as I told him he was going to jerk off in front of me, cum all over my patio, and then eat it all clean.

Cum eating instruction humiliation is just too much fun!

“I said jerk off your cock onto my fucking patio!” Pool boy jumped and immediately started stroking his cock. The entire time I stood over him and laughed and made fun of his little pecker. I saw his balls tighten and before he could come too soon I told him to stop. Reaching down I grabbed hold of his balls and gave them a tiny squeeze. The pool boy yelped in surprise which just made me laugh.

Telling him to start stroking his cock as I massaged his balls in my hand. “You better not stop jerking this pathetic, small, waste of a dick till you cum on my patio!” Stroking his dick even faster as he started groaning my name. Begging me to let him cum, to release his balls so he could cover my patio. “I bet you’re loving my cum eating instruction humiliation, aren’t you?”

Nodding his head yes and moaning was all the answer I could get. I released his balls and in two small jerks, he was cumming all over my patio. Pushing his head down with my foot, I made him eat every last drop from my patio. “Don’t you ever make a mess on me again, pool boy? Or cum eating instruction humiliation won’t be the only thing I do to you.” I gave him a wink and sauntered my naked ass inside.