Hello there, welcome to the Cum Eating Instruction Game! Tonight, we are playing this game, and I am making you eat your own cum. Knowing you are curious about it, I am helping you get up the nerve to try. By playing here tonight, you are trying it, and I am forcing you. Furthermore, there is no need to feel embarrassed. Sounds fun, right?

Okay, time to explain the rules of this game. Currently, I am still wearing my clothes. As you are following my instructions correctly, I am rewarding with taking off items of clothing. If you are not following correctly, I will punish you. Do you enjoy edging? I am going to help you edge that big dick and hold you cum longer.

The goal with our Cum Eating Instruction Game is you shooting a huge load at the end, then eating it for me!

Edging my callers makes my tight teen phone sex even hotter. Therefore, the longer you show me you can last, the more I reward you. Isn’t this awesome, you are getting rewarded a lot in this game. Start stroking that hard cock for me. Slowly, moving your hand up and down the shaft, let me see some precum. Very nice, what a good boy you are for this slutty teen.

Okay, the first item of clothing to go is my cute little shirt. Do you love my cute bra? These adorable tiny teen breasts poking through it. Keep doing as you are told, and you get to see them soon. Slow down the stroking, don’t shoot your load yet. Very good, now massage your balls for me, imagining my pretty hands on them. Tiny fingers are rubbing and squeezing those balls.

Feels good, doesn’t it?!

Next, running your hand on the sensitive skin on your inner thighs, imagine it is my feathery tongue doing it for you. Feel that warm wet tongue flickering all over those thighs, so real and so good. Keep stroking at a nice steady speed so we can edge you to a considerable load. The bigger the load, the more cum for you to eat. You know how much I love cum, and I know you will too!

This game is similar to Bratty Princess JOI, but I am being nice to you when it is the cum eating instruction game. Well, sort of nice. I am still bossing you around and making you eat your cum, whether you want to or not, you are eating it for me! Now, I want you using that precum dribbling out as lubricant, but before you do, take a tiny amount and taste it.

Very good time for taking off my shorts!

Sliding them down my hot young legs, revealing the matching panties for my sexy bra. Let me bend over so you can enjoy the view as a reward. Oh, I hear you moaning, slow down tiger, don’t you blow that load yet. Seeing me in my cute bra and panties is exciting, I know. Stop stroking right now!

I want you running your hands all over your body and imagine my tiny teen hands sliding over your skin. Leave that dick throbbing on its own for a minute. If you obey this command, my bra is coming off for you. Nice, you are listening to me. Undoing my bra, sliding it down my arms, I reveal these perky tits just for you. Are my boobs adorable?

Okay, back to pumping that cock, continuing our cum eating instruction game.

Isn’t it amazing how good it feels as you are edging your way to shooting such a big load for me? Above all, do as you are told. Getting your rewards is very cool. I can be a real bratty teen bitch, but also, if you do as told, I can be sort of nice. I haven’t pointed out what a loser you are yet. That is hard for me to hold humiliation in.

Time for these panties to drop. Oh, look at my tiny bald pussy. Isn’t she gorgeous? Small tight lips and inside is my pretty pink skin begging for attention. Start imagining you are between my legs, and I am letting you lick my tight teen cunt. You love that, go on start stroking faster. You are going to shoot that cum and eat every drop for me now!

Using the shot glass, cum in it. Furthermore, don’t waste a drop, or I am getting mad. Next, show me you are a good boy and drinking every drop!


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