Have you ever wondered what your own cum tastes like? I’m sure you’ve been curious for a while now. Maybe you’ve even tasted your precum. You know just to see. So to get some encouragement and some cum eating instruction you call me. Don’t worry, I’m going to help you through this. I know in the end you will enjoy every minute of eating your cum.

I bet you’ve watched cum eating instruction videos and got disappointed when you couldn’t do it yourself. The videos either too tame or just didn’t do it for you. I know you don’t want to suck another cock, you’re not a sissy boy, after all, you just want to eat your own cum. So here you are calling me for some cum eating instruction fetish phone sex. Minutes from now you’ll have succeeded crossed the line you’ve been dying to cross, and it’ll be the best time you’ve ever had. You’ll remember every time after this, the first time you swallowed, the first taste of it on your tongue, and the amazing feel of it.

Get ready for the best cum eating instruction of your life!

I want you to get your cock out, so drop those pants and boxers, and get that cock nice and hard for me. Look at my tits while you stroke that cock. See how hard my nipples are? They know what’s coming, you, all over them, then your mouth to clean them all up. So come on and stroke it for me, pump that cock up, pretend it’s sliding through my tits. I’d spit on it and slick my tongue out on every upstroke if it was, just to get a taste.

Now spit on your hand, yes just like that, now rub it all over that cock. Use the tip of your finger to rub that slit. Mmm yes, there it is, your cock is starting to flow with precum. Rub that all around the head of your cock.

Now stop.

I want you to lift that hand up to your face, sniff it, look at it, now give it a little lick. Your tasting that lovely warm salty precum your cock is producing. If it could that precum would help your cock slide into my tight little pussy. But I won’t allow that, will I? No, we are here so you can have the best cum eating instruction ever and that doesn’t involve you fucking my tight pussy.

Now I want you to get some more precum on your hand, yes just like that, and rub it on your lips. That’s a good boy. Now while you stroke that cock of yours I want you to lick your lips, tasting that amazing salty precum of yours. I bet your mouth is just watering for the real thing. Now come here and rub the tip across my breasts, leaving a nice little snail trail. That’s it, rub it around my hard nipples, pump it up just a little more, just like using a homemade pocket pussy, and rub it around them again. Look at that nice, shiny, wet trail of precum you left.

Now let go of that cock and put your hands on your head.

I’m going to let your cock fuck my tits. You feel as they wrap around your cock, making it slightly disappear, oh where did it go? There it is, and then gone and back again. Really pumping your cock, do you see how purple your head is getting? I bet those balls of yours are tightening, and you’re going to cum all over my tits soon huh? Then I’m going to have you lick them clean and swallow all of that lovely warm cum.

Just like I’m going to lick your cock right now, I love the feel of the heat from your cock on my tongue. Now I want you to get your hand back on it and stroke it for me. Look me in the eyes and come on my tits. Mmm, that’s it cover them with your hot cum. I want them wet so stroke that cock harder, harder, faster, now cum, cum on my tits. Yes, that’s it! Cover my tits with that wonderful cum of yours.

Now it’s time for you to be a good boy and lick it all up. Start with my nipples, that’s the best bit. Good boy. Hands back on your head and get on your knees. Now put your tongue on my nipples and suck. Now open your mouth, I’m going to use my finger and slide more of this cum into your mouth. That’s it, let it all slide in there. Open your mouth and show me. Now close your mouth and look me in the eye. Swallow it.

You are officially a cum eater. You’ve just swallowed your own cum. Not just your precum, but proper fresh cum, the good stuff. Now finish what you started, come here and clean these tits up. That’s a good boy following my cum eating instruction. You did an amazing job.

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