This is Part 2 of Cum Eating: The How-to-Guide.  In this section, we will be working to get you use to the idea of eating cum.  If this is your first time visiting the program please start at with Part 1 before continuing.  If you have completed Part 1 and it’s 3 steps then congratulations you are ready to move forward.

Section 2: Getting comfortable with the idea of Cum Eating

It’s important to get familiar with the cum. By the end of this section with will be comfortable with the look, feel, smell, and the idea of moving forward to tasting the cum.  When you follow these steps you will be comfortable maybe even excited about the idea of eating cum.

Step 4  You are going to need to need to know what to expect when it cums you the scent of cum.  This time after masturbation, I want you to smell the cum. That’s right, catch the cum in your hands, bring your hands to your nose and inhale it.  I also want you to play with the cum in your hands for about a minute before wiping it off.

Time to start tasting!

Step 5 It’s now time for you to begin eating the precum during masturbation. From this point on during masturbation, you are to edge at least 5 times. Each time swirling your fingers around your cock head to get the precum on your fingers and begin eating all precum. Catch all that cum in your hands. keep it in your hands for about a minute then wipe it off.

cum eater

Step 6 Get you comfortable with cum on your face. When masturbating, eat all of your precum. You may cum in your hands and smear a little on your lips, but DO NOT eat it. Keep the cum on your face for about a minute before wiping it off.


If you have completed this section of the CEI Program, you should be ecstatic with yourself.  You are now embracing the idea of eating cum and ready to move on to Part 3.  Part 3 will get you to the point where you are finally a cum eater.  Let’s do it!!!

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