Cum eating is a true delicacy!

If your diet doesn’t include healthy amounts of cum eating, can you truly considered it well-balanced?  I think not!  For a naughty little growing girl like myself, I make sure that I’m getting a good daily intake.  Are you?  It’s the tasty treat I can’t imagine ever going a day without.  When was the last time you got your fill?

There’s something about it.  Not just eating the cum, no, but everything that goes into it.  There’s so many ways to be a cum eater!  Whether it’s a nice, creamy pussy cum, or a hot and heavy load from a nice, large cock, there’s really no discrimination — just as long as you do it.  Picture this: me, soft lips wrapped around your member, feeling the early twitch of your balls and knowing they have a load.  That’s when it’s snack time.  I take my lips off, stick my tongue out, and look up at you like the good slut I am until I have it all in my mouth.  I want you to watch while I swallow it all.

I’ve heard some naughty fun stories about cum eating.  A friend of mine went to a glorious dinner party with a fantastic spread.  The waiters were big, black men wore slutty outfits to showcase their massive cocks and served the girls filets, lobsters, asparagus with bernaise, and anything you could imagine.  To wash it all down, they jerked their loads into beautiful stemmed wine glasses.

 Drink it up, ladies!

I think you have what it takes to introduce a good amount of cum eating into your diet.  I mean, why haven’t you tried it already?  You totally can, I’d love to take you right into the best hot phone sex with cum eating you’ve ever had.  How hot would that be?  I know you’ve thought about it.  Try and explore a new taboo phone sex with me and I promise you’ll have a craving for more.