Cum Eating in the Bathtub

Cum eating, I know, is something I’ve been doing a lot. It’s my obsession as of late so what can I say? This phone sex blog is meant to be a little on the funny side because I wanna put a smile on that face!

One night I was taking a bath…

It was a normal bath. My tits were just visible among the bubbles and my nipples were hard. The water was so warm and relaxing and I gently stroked my clit. I sighed and moaned softly in the caress of pleasure.

Then the water started shifting and it came up in gentle waves along my chin and cheeks. Warm water lapped at my tits and I felt something hard slip into me. In and out, in and out it fucked me. Slowly at first but then it started fucking me harder and faster.

I opened my eyes and…nobody was there.

The water splashed so violently it started spilling out of the bathtub. I screamed and bucked my hips, but I couldn’t move because it felt like something was pinning me. I tried to struggle, but I was paralyzed.

All of a sudden, the water started changing. It became thicker and it started turning white. The bubbles started fading away and the liquid stopped sloshing as forcefully. Some of it slipped into my open mouth and my eyes widened.

The hard cock slid out of my pussy and the pressure on my body relented. I stretched a little and slumped into my bathtub that was now full of thick, creamy, sticky cum, which I devoured.

For all intents and purposes, I believed I had just been violated by a ghost! Only during Halloween would have I believed that.

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