Cum Eating: Something you thought you would never ever do

When you first heard of cum eating you thought, how in the world and why in the world would a guy eat his own cum or even another guys cum? Why would you want to eat your own cum? Then you met someone like me, someone who would change your thinking and life forever! So one day I told you that I have been watching some porn where a guy is eating his own cum and it is turning me on. I have you watch that porn with me, so what do you think? You are dead set NO at first. I would never eat my own cum that is so gross! Oh, come on, not even for me?

The thought of watching you eat your own cum just makes my pussy wet! Ok baby, I will try just for you. So I get your cock hard and you lean up against the dresser with your ass in the air and your dick pointed at your mouth. You start stroking it for me and I tell you I want you to do some cum eating phone sex for me and cum in your mouth, so you open your mouth and cum in your mouth for me! Mmm tastes so good, doesn’t it? Yes it does baby!

The moment you ate another man’s cum for me

Do you remember when you asked, why in the world would you want to eat another man’s cum? Well, I watched a porno the other day where the woman used cuckold phone sex and made her husband eat that other guy’s cum out of her pussy! I want you to watch me get fucked and the guy cum in me. Then I want you to do some cum eating phone sex out of my pussy, I know you will like the taste of the other man’s cum baby!

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