Weekend Diaries: She is a Cum Dumpster

I can be a good little cum dumpster. I love taking every last load of cum you can give me. I’m a very good little slut. I’ll open wide…any of my holes to take it all. I’ll even take your friend’s cum too if you want. I just need it! All of it! Pop a little blue pill and give me load after load. I’m ready for it. Let me tell you how good I am with a little story;).

A few weekends ago I was feeling particularly wild. This job is helping me learn to be more and more kinky and adventurous. Thanks, naughty boys! 😉 Anyways, I was out with my friends as per usual, one of them being my regular fuck buddy. We are very close and it makes our sex pretty limitless as far as trying new things!

He’s not much for cumming more than one time for me. He’s a cum once and that’s about it guy. BUT friends to the rescue, somebody had a little blue pill;). You know the kind, don’t you? Keeps the party going extra long. Alcohol, blue pill, adventurous partner. It was the perfect scenario to try out my new idea!

I wanted every single one of my holes filled with a big fucking load of cum.

He took me home and we went to work. He fucked me in all our favorite positions, my mouth, my face, my ass. Fucking me like a god damn champ. I can’t believe how that fucking pill worked. He filled my pussy first. He came so hard it dripped out of me. Up next he fucked my ass. Covered in his own load he slid right in. The more times he came the longer it took for the next one.

We fucked for hours. Cumming at least once inside me and all over me. I lost track but I’d love to tell you all the details I can remember.

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