Cum Drinking: I Had No Idea He Loved To Taste His Own Cum!

Cum drinking is pretty much just cum eating but there is a lot more cum. My new boyfriend is so much fun and I had NO idea that he actually loves to taste his own cum. Whether it be on my lips, in my mouth, or in my pussy. He loves to drink every drop.

My boyfriend is coming over to see me in just a bit so I get ready by giving myself a quick shower. Shave my pussy as fast as I can and then wash with soap and water. Gotta make sure this pussy is fresh as fuck. I can’t live with a stinkin’ pussy.

There’s a knock on the door and I quickly jump out of the shower and slip my dress on. No panties because my boyfriend loves it when I don’t wear panties. And I run to the door and unlock it and open it. He walks in and picks me up and kisses me.

Then he lifts me over his shoulder and carries me to my bed.

He throws me onto my bed and I giggle as he takes his shoes off. I motion for him to come closer and he climbs onto my bed and crawls towards me. We start to kiss and touch a bit. And I know he saw that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I pull his t-shirt off and throw it across the room and he slides my dress straps down, revealing my perky breasts. I moan lightly as he starts to kiss my neck and caress my breasts with his manly hands. He spreads my legs and gets right between them. I start to grab at his rock hard bulge.

He pulls up my dress and smiles as he sees I don’t have any panties on underneath. He flips me over quickly and gives me a good spank then flips me back over. Then he rubs his fingers on my clit as he unzips his pants. I want his cock so fucking bad.

I feel him lay his cock on my pussy. And I just lose my god damn mind! I start reaching for his cock and pulling him closer to me… pushing his rock hard dong inside of me.

He thrusts inside of me.

Making me moan with pleasure very loudly. I just let him take over my body. Feeling every single inch of his dick inside of me makes my pussy even wetter. I love the way he feels!

I can feel myself about to cum so I grab onto his strong arms and just let myself go wild. He thrusts faster and harder until I cum right onto his cock. He smiles at me and just keeps going harder and harder. I cum again and just can’t help myself cum a few more times.

He looks down at me and smiles as he watches me orgasm hard. And he just keeps thrusting inside of me like a wild animal. Soon enough I can feel his cock growing harder. And I know he is about to cum inside of me.

I yell “Yes! Cum inside of my pussy, please!” He listens to me and just thrusts a few more times before letting go of his fat load inside of my pussy. Smiling, he pulls out and I close my legs and try to sit up.

He pushes me back down onto the bed.

I look at him with confusion on my face but he just spreads my legs and pushes them back. My pussy was dripping with his cum and he just lies down on the bed and starts to kiss up my thighs! I was so surprised by this that it made me giggle. And he just kisses all the way up to my cummy pussy and starts cum drinking!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My new boyfriend is into cum drinking and I had no idea. What an absolutely lovely surprise! I just lie back and enjoy the feeling of his tongue dancing on my clit.

He finishes me off by making me cum and I am happy as a clam.

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