Cum Drink My Warm Piss I’ve Been Holding It All Night!

Cum drink my warm piss, is what I said to Dean! I’ve known Dean for a while now, he’s a lot of fun to play with and his main kink is piss, my piss in particular. He loves everything to do with it, but the thing that drives him wild the most is having a woman squat over him and make him drink all of her hot, yellow piss. I told Dean to cum over at 9 am, because I had a little something for him. I made sure not to pee when I woke up the next morning so I could save every single drop for him!

When he arrived I told him it had been ten hours since I last took a piss and my bladder was nice and full. I took his hand and held it against my swollen bladder. He moved his hand gently over it and he asked how much longer I could hold for. I told him long enough for us to play for a bit and took him into the bathroom. By the sink on the counter were two bottles of water that had just been taken out of the fridge. I took my clothes off and left them in a pile on the floor before sitting on the edge of the tub. Dean picked up a bottle of water and sat beside me.

He held it against my lips and forced me to drink half of it in one go. It was still cold and I felt it hit my bladder with a jolt.

I squeezed my legs together then downed the rest of the bottle. He put his hand on my bladder and pressed down on it. I nearly lost control and had to quickly tighten my muscles. Dean told me to hold for just a little bit longer and handed me the second bottle of water. This time I drank it at my own pace, taking it slow. Dean kept pressing on my bladder and asking me how hard it was to hold it. It was getting more difficult and I felt myself leak a bit. My bladder was throbbing and I started to rock back and forth, trying to ease the pressure.

When the second bottle was empty I put it down and shoved my hands between my legs, holding myself. Dean was breathing heavy and kept reaching down to give his boner a squeeze. I let out a gasp as another drop escaped and landed on my fingers. I was going to lose control soon.

So I grabbed a towel, put it on the floor and told Dean to lie on it.

He did and I squatted over his face. My bladder was spasming and I couldn’t wait to let go. I relaxed my muscles and felt my hot piss flow out of me. It felt so good to finally let go and the pressure started to ease up. I could hear Dean drinking it as my stream went on. I must have pissed for at least a minute before it started to slow down then finally stop…It felt so good!

I got up and Dean licked the last few droplets of warm piss off his lips. I knew that after all that water I just drank that it would just be a matter of time before I had to go again so I told him to stick around for a while…..and what we did in the meantime, was nothing short of amazing! Like water sports? I know I do, let’s play together with steamy phone sex!

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