Pretty Little Cum Covered Face

My cum covered face was beautiful, he told me. That afternoon I ended up going to my friend’s home between classes. Things ended up getting a bit heated though. Before I knew it I was on my knees, sucking on his cock. I sucked his dick for what seemed forever. All I want it was his cum. I want it his cum all over my pretty face. When he finished, I scooped up what I could, looked at clock and left.

On my way to class I sort of cleaned up but obviously I didn’t do a very good job. I went into the classroom and sat next to my partner like usual. He said there was something different about that day. I guess you can say my face was glowing. I soon tried to concentrate on lecture. Bio was on of my worst subjects so cum was the last thing in my mind. After class I hung out with my friends at the school’s cafeteria and that was the end of the day for me.

When I arrived home and looked in the mirror that is when I knew. On the side on my face there was dried cum. I am guessing when I got into my car and turned the ac full blast it happened. I could not believe I had it on my face for most of the day. I also couldn’t believe that my friends had not noticed, or told me anything. There I was with cum dried on me laughing at the day I had.

When I told my fuck buddy he couldn’t stop laughing either. In fact later that night he came over my face and covered my pretty little face in cum again. Just what I want it.

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