Cum Consumption the new rage in keeping my body healthy.

Cum consumption, have you heard? It’s the newest fad in keeping a body fit and healthy. Guys have always asked how I keep my body in such good shape and this is what I tell them. My answer is always simple, sperm. That cream filling isn’t just for pussy’s any more that’s for sure. In fact, it’s a meal all in itself! Now when they say ‘Drink it up buttercup’, you can damn sure bet I’ll finish all my tasty meal served hot and fresh from the cock.

Dreaming of jizz all night long makes me wake up in the morning craving for a cream filled twinkie. One is OK, but I’m always down for as many as I can get. Guzzling cum out of one cock, and then looking for another big dick to drain dry makes my pussy tingle. I’ve become a total cock slut, but with only 60 calories, no fat and less than one carb and packed full of protein ……… holy fuck it’s the perfect diet solution for me.

When I did the math I realized I could suck 25 cocks a day and only be at 1500 calories!

Just knowing that information I’ve been going up and down my block giving free blowjobs all day long. My cum consumption over the past few days has gone up two hundred and ten percent already! At this rate not only will I have a long lean body forever, and gorgeous hair and skin, but I won’t be having to change my panties five times a day.

So, men, this naughty cheating housewife is on the prowl for every young, middle-aged, and mature cock I can get my hot little mouth on. But don’t worry, I’ll still let you pound the shit out of that pussy, but please only feed my mouth!

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