You Want To Cum? Then Beg Me To Let You Cum Boy!

Do you want to cum? Then beg me to let you cum boy! There’s nothing better, than the sound of a man begging you to cum! I want to hear you beg right it, right now. My pussy gets so wet when I hear the desperation in his voice and see his dick throbbing in the air and his balls swell up. All he wants is the release and I’m the only one who can give it to him. There’s no power I love more, nothing I find more erotic, than the power I have over bitches like you.

Jay was under my little spell and I love to hear him beg me, by the end of our first date I had him lying in bed naked and hard as a rock. I straddled him as I buried his dick deep in me and began to ride him. He put his hands on my hips, moving me up and down on him while his eyes stared at my big bouncing titties. I put one hand over a tit and began to fondle it, pinching my nipple between my finger and thumb. He licked his lips as I kept playing with myself and I wanted more of him. I braced my hands on his stomach so I could go faster and his hands slid down to my ass.

His fingers dug into my soft skin as he bucked his hips.

His dick moved in my wet pussy and from the way he was groaning I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I didn’t want him to cum just yet; he had gotten me in bed on our first date and I didn’t like him enough for a second date, so I thought I might as well make it a night to remember. For him anyway, I doubt he’ll get lucky enough to have a girl like me twice, but I can get dick whenever I want and that night, I definitely wanted it.

I climbed off him even though my pussy was aching for dick and he pushed his hips in the air, looking for the tiniest bit of friction. “What are you doing?!” he asked me and I just shrugged, he was smart enough to figure out that I wasn’t fucking him anymore. He reached for me and called me ‘baby’ as he asked me not to stop. His dick twitched and I thought of how bad he must be hurting, to be so close to the edge. I knelt beside him and gently, oh so very gently, rubbed my fingertip around his head. He made little whimpering noises and started begging me to let him cum.

He just had to have it, please, he was so close.

I moved my finger away and put my hand around him, giving him slow strokes. Too slow for him to cum from and it only drove him crazier. He begged some more, telling me to move just a bit faster, he didn’t need much, please, he’d do anything. I stroked him a bit faster and his begging turned into grunts of ‘Oh yes, keep going, oh.” I gave him what he wanted, pumping his dick as hard as I could, my hand sliding over my pussy juices covering it. He pushed his hips up and his stomach muscles tightened. Two strokes later strings of white cum spurted out of him, landing on my hand.

I jerked every last drop out of him and swept my finger over his cum. I scooped it up and flicked it on him then wiped the rest of it on the sheet. “Happy?” I asked him and he just panted at me. Much to my surprise, he was ready for round two and let’s just say our “beg me” session, was significantly steamier, than the first!!

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