You Must Follow Every One of My Directions

If you work hard enough and well enough, I will reward you but this will not be easy. I am your dominant mistress. Follow my directions. Is your cock out? That pathetic thing. Get it out. Show me that worthless cock of yours. I want you to get completely naked and get your little pee pee out.

               HA HA HA

Okay, you are going to have to at least try to make it look desirable. Is it even hard? Truly laughable if that is REALLY how big it gets. Anyway, we have to move on. Can you even stroke it? Listen to your dominant mistress and try stroke it, rub it… I don’t know. Whatever you have to do to that little tiny thing, just do it.

Now get on all fours, look at your dominant mistress in the face.

Let me see you pout those lips for me. I want real puppy dog eyes. Look at me with your saddest most pathetic face and beg for my pussy. I want you to really make me, your dominant mistress proud. Come on, I know you can beg better than that. Is this a joke? Don’t you want my young, wet, tight, pussy? Then I need you to act like it.

               That is a little better, now suck my toes.

Really take my toes in your mouth and suck them like you want someone to suck that tiny little pathetic pee pee of yours. Ha HA HA HA! God I am feeling bad for you…. ALMOST. Suck my toes, get your tongue in between my toes. I want my entire foot shoved into that dumb stupid fucking mouth of yours.

               You are doing good… now start kissing up my legs.

Slowly. I want you to take your time. Honor and appreciate your dominant mistress’s long beautiful toned legs. Take your time with me. Slowly kiss my legs until you get to my inner thighs. Use your tongue with your mouth now. I want you to follow my exact directions so I can quite literally make you one of the luckiest men alive. Do you know how many men would love for me to be their dominant mistress?

I chose to control you.

You are mine. I am your dominant mistress. Now slowly take my panties down, and prove to me you deserve it. Eat my pussy. Get your whole fucking face in there. I want it to be sloppy. Use your tongue. Suck my clit.  Put your finger inside of me while do this all. Good boy. You have your dominant mistress moaning with delight.

               You are a good listener.

Keep your tongue fucking my pussy. I want to cum all over your face. Let me squirt into your mouth. I want you to eat your dominant mistress’ cum. Swallow it all up for me. Use your tongue on my clit, switch between your tongue and your lips and your fingers. God, you are doing such a good fucking job pleasing your dominant mistress.

               Do you think you deserve to cum yet? Give me a call…let’s take you there…

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