What is Cuffing Season, you ask. Well, let me give you some basics for this time of the year. During the last few months of the year, people who choose NOT to be in a relationship can start to feel lonely in the cooling months. I am one of those that prefer to be unattached and enjoy my freedom. The men in my life are often single as well. It is not that I look down on those that choose to be in relationships. Personally, I find cuffing season to be annoying.

The freedom to be ourselves without the commitment is exhilarating. Therefore, when cuffing season starts, I am usually keeping busy to avoid getting attached to someone I don’t need. All these women are over here, craving a man and doing whatever they can to get a commitment. Sorry, not sorry. You know which ladies I am speaking of right now. Thirsty for attention and willing to go to great extents to lock down a male companion. The same can also be said about men. Cuffing season is their playground.

Never heard of cuffing season? Let me give you more information.

During winter, the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity tend to make folks lonely and desperate to get into a relationship. The desperate and lonely, commit to losing themselves in another person by losing their own identity. Some are even going as far as going on cheesy dates to haunted houses, family parties, Thanksgiving events, Christmas parties, and all of that couple stuff.

For me, in the past, to keep my favorite fuck buddies free of this hideous option, we would make a pact to stay in contact all through the cuffing season. Of course, my studs wish to continue fucking this fine ass bitch. And are willing to take any steps to keep them from fake fucking and bonding with a desperate girl. The marriage seeking girls reel them in with kindness, cooking, and cleaning. It is awful how they convince a lonely man that a relationship will give him a better life. Always remember, cuffing season does not last forever.

Usually, my cuffing season goal is spent enlightening these men and keeping them single!

With our pact, we are supporting each other through this risky season. Those believing they are strong enough and turn down our pact may fall to the commitment girls. If it happens, so be it and good luck. I will be finding a replacement fuck toy in no time. With my perfect pussy and long legs, men can’t resist the offer of being my fuck buddy.

One year, we did not make our pact. Everyone was busy at the first of the cuffing season, and we just forgot. I was starting to get connected with one of my fuck toys and getting reeled into the pull of the cuffing season. Usually, when I am working as a phone sex operator, I am talking them off the ledge during this time of year. Imagine my surprise when I found myself craving one of those relationships! I am now catching feelings and succumbing to the cuffing season. Noticing that it is happening, I quickly realize it is too late; I am falling head over heels.



He was wealthy, funny, and smart!

I was getting picked off by this man and did not realize it until we were discussing cheesy date options. I am not one of these women who promise so many things to get the men intrigued. That is far from my style. Seeing some go so far as to say they are okay with open relationships, when in fact, they are far from it. Not me, if I say I am okay with an open relationship, it is because I want to play too. But here I want monogamy with him! WTF!

He was curious and turned on by the thought of my Pantyhose Confession Goddess stories. Yes, I am the center of attention, but we all get off. Thinking to myself, there is no need to be in a goofy relationship. Going to meet parents or any other weird shit is just not my idea of a good time. It has always been about sex, the fun that we have, and please me. That is how all of the cuffing season should go!

Imagine my surprise to be in a relationship!

Consequently, I am not a horrible person. Neither is the commitment girls; they are just needy. My time is best spent making use of my powers and not looking back. This bitch is a powerful Goddess with a perfect pussy that is continually driving men crazy! Giving them the honor of me is my way of gifting the universe. Now, here I am, committing to this sexy mother fucker that makes me swoon.

No pressure fun has always been my goal. Now, I want to cuddle by the fire, snuggle his neck, and wear fuzzy fucking sweaters! Oh my fucking God, I am wearing sweaters with this man!

If you want to be that man, call me. And we can role-play our own cuffing season fun!