I love to cuddle with my daddy. Oh, my daddy isn’t what you think, he’s more of a very older man who loves his “little girl” Yup, I’m a sugar baby, and  spoiling my daddy and him spoiling me is what I love. I love dressing up for daddy, wearing pretty little skirts, and tight little tops, and he loves when I have my hair in pig-tails. Lately, since it’s been getting cold, I’ve been snuggling a lot with my daddy. Crawling into his lap while he pulls the blanket over us, and snuggling close so I can get warm, and he sure does know how to make me warm.

Last night, it was so cold I crawled onto my daddy’s lap, and he just laughed at me and my goosebumps. He put his arms around me, and starting rubbing my arms. I snuggled my face close to daddy’s neck, and started kissing him and giggling cause he was tickling my shoulders. That’s when I reached my little hands down between his legs, and began rubbing on his big cock. I know daddy loves it when I do that! Then, daddy turns me around, tells me what a “good little girl” I am, and starts kissing me, hugging me, and tells me all the different ways he’s going to warm me up.


Yea, I guess I say I’m cold more often than I am, but, like I said, I’m a very good sugar baby and I want nothing more than to make my sugar daddy happy!!

Want a dedicated Sugar baby?

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