A Cuckold’s Forced Sexual Revenge on a Cheating Wife!

A cuckold’s forced sexual revenge can be a muther fucker if you’re not prepared for the fallout.  Generally, I don’t need to be led to the water when it cums to a cuckold’s forced sexual revenge, but… Lately, my husband has been complaining about having to lick other men’s cum out of my pussy. So, when he invited me out for Valentine’s Day dinner, I was skeptical. But hey, the Four Seasons has a great restaurant, so I went. After our meal, he surprised me with a room on the penthouse floor of the hotel.

“Well Joey, I thought I’d give you a special present for Valentine’s Day. A taste of what I’ve been feeling lately.” With that, he stood up and opened the door to our suite, allowing 3 women inside. They all had on long overcoats and Peter handed each of them an envelope which they slid into their coats as they surrounded me with wicked grins.

Ruh-Ro! A chick might just be in for some trouble!

“What the fuck are you doing, Peter?” The little worm didn’t answer, just nodded to the ladies as they proceeded to remove their coats revealing they were all naked and wearing 9″ long strap-on dildos!
“I know you’ve been fucking around on me, Joey, and I’ve decided I’ve had enough. Now get on your knees and crawl over here to suck my cock!”
No way was I going to humble myself to my pet so I started to protest; but before I could even get a word out, two of the women grabbed me by my arms and pushed me down to my knees!  They dragged me over to my smirking husband who grabbed me by my hair and started rubbing his rapidly erecting cock on my face. 

Patience is a virtue after all for a cuckold’s forced sexual revenge!

 “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, you little whore!” Peter said.  “Before this night is out you’re going to beg me for my cum.” With that, he pushed his stiff cock past my lips and all the way down my throat. That’s when things got weird! I felt tongues licking my cunt and ass, as the third girl started kissing my husband… the fucking CUCK!!
As his hand kept my head bobbing up and down on his cock, he leaned down and sucked the brunettes huge 44DD tits while looking right at me! The blonde licking my ass and the redhead licking my pussy were both very good and my juices were flowing when Peter took his cock out of my throat and said, “OK, girls, she’s all yours! 

Trouble CUMS my way! 

That’s when the brunette grabbed me by my hair and dragged me over to the bed; throwing me down face first and slamming the entire length of that 9″ strap-on into my tight ass.  I started to scream in pain.  The blonde stuffed her strap-on down my throat and before I knew what was happening, the redhead stuffed her strap-on into my tight little pussy.
I was getting fucked in all three holes at once and loving every fucking stroke! This isn’t like telling high school sex stories!  I knew I loved my cuckold’s forced sexual revenge.  I never knew I could take that much cock, but now I never wanted it to stop. For half an hour and through countless orgasms they kept fucking my holes while Peter just watched; stroking his cock and getting happier by the second. 

The party just got popping!

Finally, he moved over to the bed, grabbed the blonde by the hair and she bent down to start sucking his cock as I watched, unsure of how I felt. Watching his prick disappear into her mouth made me mad and horny at the same time. So, without a word, the blonde turned over on all fours as Peter slid his cock into her cunt, pumped it a couple of times and then brought it out, dripping with her juices.  He pushed it into my mouth, forcing me to lick her taste off his dick.
He repeated the process with the redhead after she took her faux cock out of my pussy.  She laid right in front of me so I had to watch his cock slide in and out of her little cunt until he was ready.  Again, he slammed it into my throat making me clean her juices off of him.

When the brunette took her strap-on out of my ass I had to watch him fuck her pussy as well and again clean her taste off of MY husband’s cock.

 While the three of them surrounded me playing with their pussies, Peter started fucking me with a fervor he hadn’t displayed since our wedding night. Slamming his cock in and out of my pussy I felt the mother of all orgasms building up, but just before release, Peter withdrew, teasing my clit with the head of his cock.
“You want to cum, Joey”, he asked.

“Yes, please, Peter, I need it”, I panted at him.

“Beg for my cum, Joey”, he said, as he stroked his cock right above my face.
“Please give me your cum, Pete, Please! I’m begging you!” 
As a result of what I’d given voice to, he shot a massive load all over my face and tits.  Then, he jammed four fingers into my tiny pussy; forcing me to explode all over him in the best squirting orgasm I’ve ever had.
We’ve booked the same suite for our anniversary. Maybe you’ll take a job at the hotel and join in on the fun.  Know what’s faster?  Calling me to ask for the deets. Cheap phone sex is still around, but if you want something WORTHY of your deepest desires, you need me.  A cuckold’s forced sexual revenge might be just the punishment you crave.  Do you think you’ve got the balls to handle me the way my hubby does? You know where I am!

Cuckold's Forced Sexual Revenge