Cuckolding is the ultimate in revenge sex.

When you combine anger and sexual frustration a woman naturally turns to cuckolding. And good Lord my girlfriend pissed me off today. You would think that having phonesex was an innocent way to make money. BUT NO she is as jealous as if I had a cunt full of a man’s cum. LOL, is it a bad thing that I cum with some clients?

It is so stupid to be jealous of sex on the phone. She knows I love the feel of a HARD throbbing cock in my pussy. The way a cock stretches my tight shallow pussy, how it always burns, painful yet pleasurable, makes me cum. Heaven, we even have 3somes with a man. I never get upset to see a cock ravaging her cunt till her cum flows. She is bisexual where I am pansexual. She thinks since I see beauty, grace, and sexual attraction in everybody that means I’m the bigger slut.

She only wants an in shape masculine man OR a feminine woman. She does not know the unique delights in a big boy or even the fun of a bi~guy. She does not want to, nor the sensual pleasure of a BBW. I will say this in her defense, like me, she does not see color or heritage.

But she thinks the cock has to be 8 inches or bigger, or not worth fucking. I mean come on, does she enjoy women or not. You do not need a huge cock to cum. Hell, I cum most from a cock that is 5 inches the biggest I was maybe 6. Any bigger and it just HURTS for too long after.

 I love when the sex goes from gentle to animal passion.

I adore when my body aches and my insides get sore from cumming too many times. LOL, On a man’s cock of course, that I still feel it days after.

She gets so jealous when a client calls my phonesex numbers and we play until I cum… LOL and lord about the rare times I had a client inspire me to squirt LOL. Of course, she can always tell…

I think I need to go get a cunt full of cum like she keeps accusing me of… And make her eat my dirty pussy. Cuckolding is most women’s favorite fantasied form of revenge. LOL but I am not your average woman… I think I will go get a moresome… Maybe I should go get a few of my harem and find a man or two to join us… I bet my husband is wishing I would invite him.

I have told you before the best phone sex is with me

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