When I found my husband was cheating on me, I decided that the best revenge was to cuckold him with a dominant, alpha male.

After ten years of marriage, my husband began to let himself go. The tall, trim, handsome man I had fallen in love with had turned into a round, doughy, balding troll with fat meaty fingers. I could have let parts of his transformation slide as the natural part of the aging process if he didn’t get upset if I ever had a day where I was less than perfect. About two weeks ago, I found out that the fat troll that I call my husband was cheating on me with his equally trollish receptionist. When I heard the news, I was livid.

Not only did this troll of a man have the nerve to cheat on me, but he also did it with a woman who wasn’t even cute! That’s when I decided to teach the troll a lesson. That’s when I decided to turn my husband into a cuckold.

To put my plan into motion, I reached out to the troll’s best friend, Allen. The troll and Allen had been best friends since college, and unlike my troll husband, Allen had only gotten more attractive with age. At 6’4, Allen still had a full head of distinguished salt and pepper hair. His body was still ripped, tight, and tone. And because I was still friends with his ex-wife I had it on good authority that Allen had a beautiful 10-inch cock, and he knows how to use it.

Allen is everything that my husband used to be and never will be again.

I called Allen and invited him over to my place for dinner and more. During the call, I confessed that I had always been attracted to Allen and I think it’s finally time for me to have a taste of his legendary cock. I could tell by his voice that the thought of fucking me excited Allen, but he was concerned about my husband. Worried that he wouldn’t be willing to turn my husband into a cuckold if he knew the truth, I told a little white lie and told Allen that I had a hall pass.

With Allen all lined up and ready to go I called my husband the troll and told him to come straight home after work, I had a very special surprise waiting for him at home. When Allen knocked on the door, I greeted him wearing a pair of tiny boy shorts and a bra. He didn’t waste any time sweeping me up into his massive arms and planting a deep, sensuous on my lips. His hands were running down my back and grabbing my ass. I could feel his cock begin to stiffen and press against me. My wet pussy was starting to throb as I anticipated what it would be like to have Allen inside of me.

It was difficult, but I backed away from Allen’s grip and led him to the bedroom.

I asked him to sit on the bed and wait for a few minutes. I had something to take care of in the living room. As I closed the bedroom door, my troll husband walked into the living room. He saw me standing there half-naked, nipples hard, my pussy wet and throbbing; a smile spread across his troll face, and his tiny troll cock got hard. Excited about what was going to happen next. I Kissed my troll husband and told him to sit down. I sat on his lap and began kissing his neck, letting my hand run between his legs to tease his tiny troll cock.

So I told him I wanted to try something different tonight. I wanted to tie the troll up and fuck him. The thought that the idea of being able to use my troll husband as my personal fuck toy was sexy. With my troll husband in agreement. I handcuffed the hands of the troll behind his back before sliding off his pants and underwear. Once he was nude from the waist down. I pulled out a length of rope and bound the troll’s ankles together.

I left the troll bound on the sofa. His stiff little troll cock stood at full attention as I went into the bedroom to put my plan into action.

While he was waiting for me, Allen had taken it upon himself to get undressed. His body was flawless, and his thick 10-inch cock was glistening with pre-cum. I lead Allen into the living room where the troll was still bound. The look of pain and anguish on the troll’s face as I walked in with dominant alpha male Allen was fantastic. Allen didn’t say a word. He smiled and looked my troll husband in the eyes as I got on my knees and began sucking the pre-cum off of Allen’s magnificent cock.

The troll screamed, “How could you do this to me?”. I refused to speak and justify my actions. Instead, I let Allen speak for me. “Sit down little man,” he said. “Let me show you how to satisfy a woman.” Allen grabbed me by the back of the head, pulling my mouth away from his cock. Allen stood me up and pushed my boy shorts down, finally exposing my dripping wet pussy. Allen picked me up and laid me on the sofa so that my head was resting on my troll husband’s lap. He spread my legs and began rubbing his fat mushroom head against my wet and waiting snatch. Just feeling rubbing against me made me shiver and moan with pleasure.

I looked up at my helpless, bound troll husband as Allen slid his cock inside of me.

Allen fucked me hard and rough while my troll husband looked on bound and defeated. His tiny troll cock is hard, red, and begging for relief that will never come. Cuckolding my husband with a dominant alpha male, was the best revenge I could ever have asked for.

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