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I knew my husband had a little dick when I married him. Like an idiot, I thought that love and a lot of instruction would replace the deep, earth-shattering orgasms you get from a nice fat cock. Last night when my husband came to bed he started rubbing his hard little worm against my leg looking for some lovin. Tired of feeling his tiny, sticky cock against me, I reached into the nightstand and pulled out a chastity device. I wanted him and his little dick to know what it feels like to be unsatisfied. Before this week is over my husband will be a cuckold that will see how a woman is supposed to be fucked.

With my husband’s cock safely locked I decided to take the opportunity to really make him squirm. When my husband came home from work last night I made him watch as I fucked my pussy with a long, thick, dildo. My husband begged and pleaded with me for the key to the cock cage. His little cock was red, leaking and swollen as it strained against the cock cage. I refused to let him touch his miserable excuse of a cock. He needs to know what it is to go unfulfilled.

While my husband was at work I made arrangements for my friend Jason to come over. Jason and I had dated before I got married. Out of all of the men that I have been with Jason’s 9-inch monster could always bring me to my knees. When my husband came home from work, I called him into the bedroom. My husband’s jaw fell to the floor when he saw me naked, sitting next to Jason and stroking his huge cock. I ordered my husband to sit on the floor next to the bed. I wanted him to have a front-row seat to Jason’s hard cock sliding into me.

As Jason’s cock spread my pussy open I could see my husband squirming inside of his cock cage. His tiny cock dripped as Jason plowed into my wet pussy. I looked my husband in the eye and said, “This is how a real man fucks a woman.” My pussy tightened and quivered around Jason’s throbbing cock. A hot load of cum shot deep inside of my pussy. As Jason pulled his spent cock out of my I ordered my husband onto the bed. My husband sat next to me hopeful that he was finally going to be allowed to cum. Instead, I pushed my husband’s face between my legs and made him clean Jason’s cum out of me. Once I was clean, I told the sniveling little cuckold that I would him out of his cock cage, but he would have to cum in the bathroom alone.


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