I never thought I would cuckold my husband with my nephew.

I’ve always known that my husband had fantasized about being a cuckold. But I never dreamed it an incestuous relationship with my nephew would bring the fantasy to life. When my husband and I first got married, we had a long talk about our sex life. He has always known that I am a dedicated size queen, and no matter how much I loved him, his tiny 6-inch dick was never going to be enough to satisfy me truly. After our wedding night, we made an agreement that I can have all of the big cocks I want as long as I’m discreet. Over the last ten years I have had several lovers with fat, thick cocks to satisfy me, but lately, my husband has been hinting that he was having thoughts of being turned into a cuckold.

A few months ago, my oldest nephew James came to stay with us while he’s attending a local college. I got married and left home when James was just a toddler, needless to say, that the little boy I remembered had grown into a tall, handsome young man. At 6’3 with blonde hair and green eyes, my baby nephew has grown into the type of man I would love to fuck. On more than one occasion I found myself wondering if my baby James was hung as well as the rest of my lovers. But because James is my nephew, I tried to keep myself from wondering about the size of his cock.

Last night, while my husband was out with his friends, James and I were home alone, I decided that the boy and I should share a bottle of wine. As we talked about school and guzzled wine, I started to feel like James was flirting with me. James was running his hand down my back in a way that no nephew should touch his aunt. I know I should have pushed his hands away when I realized that James was flirting with me, but I have to admit the truth; it turned me on. “James, “ I said snuggling closer to him, “you’ve lived here for months, and you’ve never brought a girl over. Why is that?” James swept his thick, blonde hair back from his brow with a shy smile and said: “I like older women Auntie K. None of the girls at school interest me.” “Well,” I replied, “ do you have your eyes on any older ladies now?” James smiled, pulled me close and kissed me deeply. Now, I know what you’re thinking; I’m the adult here, it is up to me to put a stop to this. But I can’t, something about the way James kissed me, the way he touched me made me beg for more. James ran his hands underneath my shirt and pinched my hard nipples as I pulled his hard cock out of his jeans. James’ cock was as long and thick as I had imagined it would be. Without thinking, I leaned over and took his hard, thick cock into my mouth.

James pulled my hungry mouth away from his throbbing cock. I stood up and pulled my dress over my head. James pulled my tits out of my bra and began to suck on my nipples as I wiggled out of my wet panties. James dropped one hand between my legs and slowly massaged my swollen clit. Just as I was about to straddle James the front door opened, and my husband walked into the room. I tried to move, to say something to explain the situation, but James grabbed my hips and plunged his cock deep inside of me. Feeling James pushing me open stopped anything I was going to say in my throat, feeling James pumping his cock inside of me sent a bolt of lightening up my spine that I never wanted to stop. James grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks so that my husband could see his hard cock sliding into me. Looking my husband in the eyes and said: “Hey Uncle Mike, look what I can do.” Mike dropped his briefcase at the door and began rubbing his cock through his pants. He stood there, teasing himself as James brought me to the heights of ecstasy, filling me with his cum. As I slid my cream filled cunt off of James’ cock, Mike dropped to his knees and crawled to me. I spread my slit open so that Mike could see James’ cum dripping out of me. Mike sucked the cum out of my pussy like a baby with a bottle. Mike cleaned every drop of cum out of my snatch. When I was clean, Mike asked for permission to cum in another room. He knew that I had no desire to see his wee cock cum after being filled by James. As I laid in James’ lap, my pussy still wet and throbbing, I was happy that I was able to use me handsome nephew to finally cuckold my husband.

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